SK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. established in India in the year 1990 is in the business of manufacturing and trading of Industrial Enclosures and moulded plastic cases. These instruments come from renowned and well-established companies from India and abroad.

Apart from being Indian Original Equipment manufacturer of select metal casings we also represents leading companies in the field enclosures.

With over 2500 products in our range, SK instrument is one of the leading players in the field of instrumentations, enclosures, cases in India. Based in Mumbai but with network across India we specialize in the following products:

• Sanhe Products, Marlanvil Products, Mascot Enclosures, Plastic enclosures, Hand Held enclosures, Water Proof enclosures, Metal enclosures, Aluminum cabinets, MS cabinets, Instrumentation knobs, ABS junction boxes, Aluminum enclosures, Cable glands and Low cost cabinets.